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Safeguarding Past Cases Review 2 (PCR2)

Learning from the past

In 2007, the Church of England commissioned a Past Cases Review to look at the handling by the church of child protection cases. This involved the independent scrutiny of the files of clergy and church officers to identify any person presenting an ongoing risk to children and young people which had not been acted on appropriately.

Following a 2018 review of the effectiveness of the first Past Cases Review, a second review, known as PCR2 took place in every diocese across the Church of England between 2019-2022.

The Church of England published a report following the Past Cases Review 2 on 5 October 2022. The Diocese of Guildford’s PCR2 page has links to published information about PCR2 at national and local level and helpful support or listening services.

St Peter's Church Newdigate